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Plants are your “media”, they are the furnishings, fabric, and paint with which you fill your yard. We all care about the colors, but the climate and the space, as well as the materials we have to work with, all count. Get to know the plants and find the best fit for the effects you want. I like to use books, plant nurseries, and real life gardens to give me ideas for my own yard. You are the artist! Go for it.


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new page!Growing List of Plant Profiles

Plant profiles with some in-depth information on plant requirements really help when purchasing a new plant. It helps to give a good start to the plant by instructing about the conditions it needs. Height and spread are important to know when combining plants in a pleasing design, and when planning a landscape. Imagine a walkway with young plants that look neatly lined up along the side years later when reaching mature size. Will they still look neat?

Do you like to know the favorite plants of people who have been long time gardeners? I do. When creating a specific type of garden I like to know characteristics of the “general type” of flowers, too. It helps in the “how-to” preparation of my garden beds and plans -what to expect in tasks and efforts. Annuals, perennials, and shrubs can all be mixed, and I love that sort of garden, but it is still important to know how each plant type will best thrive even though combining them together.

Knowing the requirements of each type saves work. General pages like “Annuals”, etc. are the most helpful for first planning and creating a garden. The advice given saves a lot of effort and mistakes. And disappointed expectations. That won’t be you! Besides, a garden is a changing and forgiving place… it truly is a fun place to learn. Experiment, change things up, have trial garden areas until you find what works for you and your place.
purple flower

Highlighted Plant Profiles

Following is a botanical name listing of all the plants included in Ilona’s Garden ‘Plant Profiles’. The plant profiles have information on the look of a specific plant, the growing conditions, size and hardiness facts, propagation, with some fun facts thrown in. Generously linked to other good resources, as well. The purpose of the plant library is give accurate information in a condensed form, with some illustrative photos.

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Perennial in Northern Climates:

Achilleas [perennial]

Ladybells, Adenophora confusa [perennial]

Lady’s Mantle, Alchemilla mollis [perennial]

Leadwort, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides [perennial]

Papaver orientale, Oriental Poppies [perennial]

Coreopsis verticillata,Threadleaf Coreopsis [perennial]

Siberian Iris [perennial]

Echinacea, Coneflowers [perennial]

Lilium, Lilies [perennial bulb]

Peonies in My Garden [perennial] [shrub-like]

The following are some of the best plants grown in my garden. They have proven themselves repeatedly. At times, on the merits of the perfume of it’s flowers, at others the overall usefulness and good looks in the landscape. Enjoy this short list of well chosen plants.

Well-Chosen Plants

lavender page| lavender | Lavandula vera

fragrant heliotrope| heliotrope [tender or houseplant] | Heliotropium arborescens | Garden Heliotrope

Chamaecyparis| hinoki cypress [evergreen shrub] | Chamaecyparis obtusa

hostas for shady places| hosta [perennial] | Hosta plantaginea | Funkia

starfire phlox| Starfire phlox [perennial] | Phlox paniculata | Garden Phlox

sweet woodruff| sweet woodruff [perennial groundcover] | Galium odoratum