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In writing gardening articles, I want to be that voice of a neighbor leaning on the fence, sharing helpful tips and gardening advice.

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Are you a Home Gardener? A DIY Landscaper?

Do you want to be one? Or maybe you are thinking of adding attractive landscaping around your home? That was me, too! I started out many years ago with just a little vegetable patch and some bulbs for spring color … soon after, I became obsessed.

I have lots of opinions, but the only real rules of nature are its own. I believe our sense of garden design should mainly serve what is pleasing to the homeowner, not by imposing our will, but working with the natural environment to create a beautiful picture.

Liking artistic guidelines, that is what I offer in design guides on this site.

Explore Ilona’s Garden, bits of trivia and garden resources are sprinkled generously throughout the pages.

Season Projects

Late Summer Favorites of the Daisy Family

Golden Glow of Late Summer Daisies The season of late summer into fall is one when most perennials and annual flowers look a bit raggedy. Not these late bloomers! The blooming times lap over in a number of the most garden worthy daisies, and that is true of these...

Daisy Favorites of Summer

Summer is the heyday of daisy flowers. There is such a wide array that not all the possibilities can be covered in a simple post. Favorites must be chosen. The Daisy family of flowers is one of the largest. Asteraceae or Compositae is named for the feature of their...

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