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In writing gardening articles, I want to be that voice of a neighbor leaning on the fence, sharing helpful tips and gardening advice.

Hello, Neighbor!

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Welcome To Ilona’s Garden Pages

Are you a home gardener?

Do you want to be one? Or maybe you are thinking of adding attractive landscaping around your home? That was me, too! I started out many years ago with just a little vegetable patch and some bulbs for spring color … soon after, I became obsessed. 

I have lots of opinions, but the only real rules of nature are its own. I believe our sense of garden design should mainly serve what is pleasing to the homeowner, not by imposing our will, but working with the natural environment to create a beautiful picture.

I do like artistic guidelines, and that is what I like to offer in design guides.

Explore the site, and sign up for the newsletter, for what’s new. A bit of trivia and garden resources are sprinkled generously throughout everything here.

Season Projects

Fattoush Salad, An Herbal Treat

Mediterranean flavors are added to the usual salad ingredients to create something special that may be new to you. (Or may be a favorite, if you happen to be Lebanese.) This Middle Eastern chopped salad combines the exotic with the familiar and uses fresh herbs from...

Using Autumn Flowers in Containers

Plant early September for best results Foliage plants are king. Lasting show when flowers are over End of fall? Plant the hardy varieties in a protected garden bed for next year. Live in the South? Salvia, all pansies and violas, or Cuphea may be great choices for...

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