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Author and Gardener Ilona Erwin

I’m Ilona Erwin, and I started this website to share my four decades of gardening experience with other home gardeners.

Whether you are just starting out or have been busy gardening as long as I have, I’m hoping to share our enthusiasm and the joy of the beauty and the plants in building a garden.

Easy to understand “how-to”, inspiring design ideas, practical guides and advice… it is all here.

After 4 decades of gardening in Ohio, I especially like to indicate plants and tips that cater to other Midwest gardeners, along with planning and inspirational design ideas for everyone. In my newest phase of gardening, I am writing about gardening in the South, the state of Georgia to be exact. This is also a new type of gardening for me, in a low maintenance, wooded, and Senior age group emphasis.

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Are You a Home Gardener?

Home gardeners are people who want to be proud of their property, and have plenty of input in the design – whether they do it themselves or hire help. They have a passion for their gardens, and imprint their outdoor space with their personality. They grow flowers, or they grow food, and often both.

A home gardener can have sophisticated tastes, or they may love simplicity, but they have a strong desire to enjoy their yards and bring beauty into the world through what they create there. More often than not, they are good stewards of the earth and care about the wildlife that visits there as well as their plants.


Growing favorite foods and herbs, like tomatoes, peppers, and parsley, are what first got me gardening in earnest. Planting flowering bulbs and a full blown love affair with perennials followed close behind. Maybe you have a similar story, or perhaps something else triggered a passion for growing things. Whatever your particular focus, there are articles to instruct, inspire, and interest.

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Friendly how-to for the informed gardener

Do you need quick access to pages that answer your garden questions? Without lots of searching around? Take a look at my Garden Guidepost page.

It lists the posts under your desired topic, whether it is pruning, planting, or other garden question you have right now.

Best Pages

Perhaps you are new to the site, or you wish for a way to access information you most want to find. Find your path throughout the site, with pages of varying gardening skill level, like “Gardening for Beginners”.

…but all information is geared towards the home gardener, someone who wants to create and know more about their landscaping their yard and the art of gardening.

That’s you, isn’t it?

If searching for gardening tips … read more about the seasons chores

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The Archive may be the best place to start if you already know what you are looking for, listing all the categories, pages and posts.


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