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I singlehandedly write and run this site and others (see my author page for a view of all the places you can find me). Enthusiastic gardening since 1974 and before -if you count me working in my mother’s and grandfather’s gardens.

I’ve written lots of “about me” pages, mostly because I like to know who the person behind the site is like in other areas of their life, so I figure you do, too.

I have been married for about 40 years, have ten children, and now some grandchildren. I don’t see them nearly enough since we live in different states, but it means I travel South quite a bit.

I homeschooled all of my children, had home births for the last three, and homesteaded this land I’m on now. Not nearly as well as I would have liked… but I did garden. I’m kinda’ crunchy, I guess.

Those experiences gave me something I wanted to share with others, and the gardening part of my skill-set, along with the thoughts and insights that it has given, are the inspiration for creating these pages.

Where and How Did I Start?

Ohio is my home state, and I was born and raised here… this is where I have gardened. It is strongly agricultural in profile, and I live in a rural area of it now, though previously my yard was an urban one. Clay soil and clay loam, decent rainfall, and a moderate climate give us Ohio’s famous “green-ness”. Much of the Midwest is similar in regards to gardening practice… and certain things are true for all gardeners, including the basics for creating a home garden landscape. I call myself a “Midwestern Gardener”.

For the truly curious, read About my garden (and me).

My Garden Profile (and picture gallery)

The Garden Sites that I write

Making my own gardens since 1973, helping in my mother’s flower beds, and my grandfather’s vegetable patch and rose plantings, means I have developed this horticultural passion from very early in life.

Reading everything I could get my hands on from the library’s book shelves, bookstore purchases, visiting public gardens (and private ones!) whenever possible, while paying attention to landscapes wherever I go, this is a topic that has become a lifelong interest.

Life is just too short for the occupation of gardening.

Thomas Jefferson has said, “Though an old man, I am but a young gardener”. I have worked in my own and in other peoples gardens, although a “mature gardener” now, without as much strength for that kind of effort. I’m not beyond giving my “sage” advice, however, creating these pages for my readers to enjoy and draw from. Age hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm one bit! I’m a gardener who writes for other gardeners (and gardeners-to-be).

If you would like to hear what I have to say about things that I might not have said elsewhere, or seasonal reminders of pages and the occasional recipe or two, why not sign up for more Garden Enthusiasm -that’s what I call my new newsletter.

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