A Gardener's Education

Small beginnings can lead to lifelong passions

Two Kinds Of People

Which are you?

  1. Excited to start, jumps right in, learns as they go. Knowledge accumulation on a “need to know” basis.
  2. Methodical, plans, makes lists, does research, takes notes. Makes sure all the ducks are in a row.

Follow Your Path

If I had to simplify the two approaches that people usually take to gardening, I would break it down into those general categories. But people rarely are so one dimensional, and as soon as we enter the world of gardening we diversify into a multitude of types with all sorts of interests. But if you are the first sort of person, my advice is to gather all the good information on plants, design, and techniques along the way that you can. If you are the second type, I have only one word, “START“. Just start. You can’t figure it all out, so begin with the knowledge you have and begin the joy of planting something and watching it grow.

Where Do I Begin?

Wherever you are on the map of place or experience, start with your soil. Find out about it, improve it, take care of it.

Find out about the dirt in your garden.? Here.

How to improve it? Learn about better soil here. Taking care of it is a combination of simple ecological methods and efforts such as mulching, cultivating, and controlling weeds, etc.

Begin with the right tools. Find out what works for your tasks through hands-on experience. For a booster in getting started I suggest you have a good trowel, a shovel, pruning shears, a rake, and garden gloves. Eventually you will need water hoses and nozzles, loppers, weeding tools. I like to have some 5 gallon buckets, too.

Germination, What Is It?

Germination, What Is It?

Every seed packet gives information on germination times, but what is germination and what are its secrets? From a simple definition to methods of germination, let's take a quick look at this important part of a plants life. Define Germination From Websters: to cause...

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What Does It Mean To Plant Seeds “In Situ”?

What Does It Mean To Plant Seeds “In Situ”?

Planting seeds in situ literally means "in place" or "on site". That is, in the ground directly rather than starting elsewhere and then transplanting into the garden. The characteristics of a plant dictate which method is best. Many plants suffer from transplanting:...

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5 Points for Successful Homegrown Seedlings

5 Points for Successful Homegrown Seedlings

Two big reasons to start your own plants from seed: It is far more economical to have large numbers of plants when grown this way. Varieties that are rare or nigh impossible to source, otherwise, are available. With a little know how most seedlings will sprout and...

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Garden Design Ideas

These are all gardens that I grew in my earliest gardening years. In fact, my very first attempt was a small vegetable patch.


These are just a sampling of the many how-to pages and inspiring ideas that I have shared with you over the years. If it has been awhile, why not take a refresher on some of these ideas for your garden?

Some years I concentrated on growing food, but it is only in the past couple years that I felt I really wanted to spend time growing food. Yes, the economy helped motivate that decision :)

Important Advice

  1. Decide what type of garden most interests you. If more than one type, prioritize. Flower, Edible, Landscape?
  2. Even if you aren’t a planner, draw up a loose idea of where you want to locate planting beds, family areas, etc.How To Plan Your New Landscape
    • Vegetables need full sun and proximity to water source
    • Play area needs grass
    • Shade from sun , protection from wind for entertainment areas
    • Firepit located away from overhanging trees.
  3. Get soil tests, prepare garden beds, get basic tools.
  4. Start small, and don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you might choke and give up.

“Recent Projects”

This is a new part of the site… see the blog of seasonal projects such as building healthy soil, planting bulbs, growing herbs, etc.

Don't Be A Stranger. Get In Touch.

The online gardening community is growing, and social media has been a way for us all to meet and share what we love: our gardens! Reach out, I’d love to meet you.

Easy garden Lessons

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