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These pages are an ongoing garden “calendar” project- they will be continually updated Each month holds gardening tips and the chores for that time of year in the Ohio region.

This has become an exciting place for the site, a jump off point for the many pages and posts that help the home gardener to keep on top of the tasks that are due each month in different parts of the garden. Seasonal guides have been coming online, and there are always many helpful gardening tips included.

Season Guides and Recent Reminders:
The Autumn Page
Winter Tips
Monthly Chore Posts

The task calendar is a general guide for Ohio and similar states…. but remember the wise quote From F.F. Rockwell.

The gardener who imagines that his work can be reduced to a set of rules and formulae, followed and applied according to special days marked on the calendar, is but preparing himself for a double disappointment. Few things are so certain to be uncertain as the seasons and the weather; and these, rather than a set of dates, even for a single locality, form the signs which the real gardener follows. That is the great trouble with much book and magazine gardening. –Frederick Frye Rockwell, Around the Year in the Garden

You are a real gardener, with your hands in the earth and learning the ways of your own personal garden.

So what is the use of a task calendar? It can help cover all the bases of organizing the best times for maintaining tools or planting and dividing certain plants that are particular about the time of year. This is most important in that busiest of gardening times, Spring. Because there are ways to prepare for spring planting, dividing tasks over other parts of the year is incredibly useful.

Plus, reminders like a calendar task list makes sure you don’t overlook jobs that might get ignored otherwise. Appropriate gardening tips are included in each month (applicable to areas that are like Ohio). Gardening tips and chore checklists for each month:

Additionally: There are posts of monthly garden chores, and Garden Guides and Projects crafted to further help you schedule the right job at the right time for garden success.

Gardening is something you learn by doing – and by making mistakes…. Like cooking, gardening is a constant process of experimentation, repeating the successes and throwing out the failures. ~Carol Stocker

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zone map of usa

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Calculate how much grass seed/lime amendment/fertilizer, etc. that you need. Handy calculator tool.

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Reader’s Digest publishes some of the best garden guides, ever. This book has a wealth of information on all sorts of important gardening topics. I like the older books especially, but new editions like this give updated information.

Seasonal Quotes and Poems

A collection of seasonal garden quotes and poems are available, find something à propos for your garden newsletter or for a card or letter.