The Sites

Yes, make that plural, since there are several forks to the original garden site that humbly consisted of only a small number of pages on Geocities. Now, besides this main garden website are a couple more dedicated to gardening, and if you wish to go far afield there are other topics. But let’s just list the ones for gardeners. :)

Ilona’s Garden

This site holds many ways to find the information you need. Written without too much frill or hyperbole I hope, since these pages mainly exist to give helpful information on growing plants, gardening skills, and designing an attractive landscape.

Yes, the design of the site changes often, especially recently. As mobile access comes to the forefront and we need accurate information and well-curated links quickly, this dictates tweaking how the pages are delivered to you.

As in the garden, I try to produce something that is nice to look at, hopefully inspiring your own creative process, but also works well for those who use it.

I garden organically, and the information delivered the same way.

Ilona’s Garden Journal

AKA “Home Garden Companion”
One of the garden blogging pioneers, I started the blog before I learned how to make this type of website. I use it now to report on happenings, produce some posts about opinions on garden news and views, and post photographs when I get around to it.

When I needed to update the site by moving it off blogspot, I changed everything including the domain name and title of the site.

It is where it is easiest to have conversations with readers, so please go ahead and comment on a recent post.

Both the blog and the website have Facebook pages. I’d love for you to say hi, post pictures of your garden and flowers- or your great harvest of veggies- whatever you are proud of and would like the world to see.

Facebook Pages

FB Ilona’s Garden or FB Ilona’s Garden Journal

Garden Librarian

I have neglected this site with all the work I’m trying to do on the other parts, and with moving all the sites to new hosting. Yet, it is still to be developed into the part of the site where I review and rate books and products. Basically I want to keep all my reviews together, and con’t believe the reviews should be limited to books. All sorts of things pertain to gardening, including visiting public gardens and what footwear is working best.
I have lots of ideas, and this coming year I want to make this site happen beyond its present form. If you have ideas go ahead and let me know.

It also is a place for comments.


For several years I put quite a bit of time into writing for Squidoo, which now has become a part of Hubpages. I made some income (it has helped support this site!) and have written a wide range of topics including my garden related pages. It has been a great way to understand what people want and need from internet sites, and to learn about how to write and present things better for readers. Those have been important lessons in improving this site, never mind that it also pays enough to cover the hosting here.

As the internet ever changes, I have moved my best writing to my own sites, here and on

The Garden Enthusiasm Newsletter


I’m just learning how to serve you better and the newsletter is part of that …why not come along on this experiment and sign up? As I have worked with this, for gardening the best time table might be quarterly.