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Slow Gardening Meets The Instant Age
About The Gardener

Ilona Erwin

head gardener, writer, and webmaster

A lifelong passion for plants, gardens, and nature had to find an outlet, so I made my gardens, and this site.

Garden website

Ilona’s Garden Site


Plant profiles, design ideas and concepts, guidance for beginners, inspiration for experienced plant lovers, fill the site. Think of it as neighborly advice online.

my garden

The Garden

This is where I bloom

This is my place, my classroom, sometimes my sanctuary. It is more than a yard, or just a landscape to me, but I try to make it a welcoming place for friends, family, even passersby. It welcomes birds,butterflies, and wildlife. It brings fragrance, beauty , and food into te lives of those who live here.

Monthly Chore Tips

A timely way to garden

Start with the page for a month, one of the chore posts, or a seasonal overview. Full of tips and tasks to help the Midwestern gardener.

Garden Design Ideas

Easy planning steps

Take your home landscape into your own hands. Ideas, techniques, style history and inspiration.

online plant library

Plant Profiles

A big part of this site

The plant profiles to guide you to growing success. Lists, profiles, types, places the info in your hands from the online plant library of pages.

I Blog, Too

Journaling the garden

I still have a blog @ Ilona’s Garden Journal which welcomes comments, tweet with me @truegrit, post your garden photos, comments, and request on Ilona’s Garden Facebook Page.

The Newest Pages

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Fattoush Salad, An Herbal Treat

Mediterranean flavors are added to the usual salad ingredients to create something special that may be new to you. (Or may be a favorite, if you happen to be Lebanese.) This Middle Eastern chopped salad combines the exotic with the familiar and uses fresh herbs from...

Using Autumn Flowers in Containers

Fall for Creative Containers Bring beautiful container creations to the end of the season, don't give up after summer! Autumn blooming flowers are sturdy enough to take some cold temperatures, and they can last longer in the season than you might expect. Don't leave...

You Make The Difference

I don’t expect my husband to pay for and support my work here, I expect to buy the hosting, design, and peripheral costs of making a website myself. That is why I am an affiliate with Amazon and have ads on my sites. My readers can support my work through donations for coffee, using my Amazon page when they order from reviews or articles, and by sharing my content. I appreciate your time and interest and hope you appreciate my creative work that centers around you, the gardener. We are in this together.

My Zazzle Work

I’ve done some designs on Zazzle that I think are pretty cool: Ilona’s Garden on Zazzle

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Don't Be A Stranger. Get In Touch.

The online gardening community is growing, and social media has been a way for us all to meet and share what we love: our gardens! Reach out, I’d love to meet you.