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Fairy gardens have caught the imagination of so many gardeners, and even non-gardeners that there is now a busy little industry growing up around them. That isn’t at all surprising, since the world of miniatures has long been a popular hobby. Fairy gardens are simply a way of taking this into a collaboration with nature. Indoor gardens with houseplants are just as popular as those magical areas created outdoors.

These spaces have always fascinated me, and I created my own when I was a very little girl, so I was delighted to find the many sources online for seeing how creative people have been in making these gardens. And I love the nature-inspired furnishings and fantasy-themed accessories for them. Here, in this page, is a base from which to visit my own writing, and those articles I’ve found interesting on the topic. Links to many resources over the web, articles, social sites, and photos.

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    From My Fairy Garden Pages

    All the pages that I have written for this site to guide you in the creation of many types of fairy gardens, indoor, outdoor, and in a terrarium.

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    All The Links
    Mine are not the only pages to visit. I wish for you to gather as many ideas and inspirations for your own unique Fairy House or Garden.

    Here is a handy list to the best of the links I include within my pages. Have fun!

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    Pinterest is like having an online ideaboard and many of us have discovered how handy it is to have a good list of ideas without having to sort through lots of words! Pinterest boards that are the best for inspiring your fairy home and garden.