I appreciate your support of my site, thank you so much, my gardening friends:) Nothing is added to your cost, but Amazon shares a small affiliate percentage with me. This is a quick list of recommendations, my Garden Librarian site is the place where I review the books, tools, and other things that we find useful when making a garden.

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Landscape Design Books

To read a complete review of this garden book and why I believe it belongs on your gardening resource bookshelf, open the page on The Garden Librarian, ‘Timeless Landscape Design‘.
To see the full review on this book, Understanding Garden Design, head on to this Garden Librarian page.
This was another selection for which I wrote a review; see ‘Energy-Wise Landscape Design‘ on Garden Librarian or go straight to the Amazon site to read their description.

Herbal Gardens and Crafting


Kitchen Gardens And Growing Food

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