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First, let me welcome you to my gardening pages, I’m so glad you are here. Here’s a bit about me.

meFLA1The first thing that you are going to notice about me is that I’m no spring chicken, anymore; but that is actually an asset when sharing about growing plants and creating a home landscape plan. I’ve gardened a long time, and I lived through a number of phases in life that impact what it is to garden, from raising a passel of young children to understanding how aging slows up the accomplishment of an obligatory list of chores. To benefit your time in your yard is my primary hope in these pages.

Gardening is a lot of who I am, I have spent the largest part of my lifetime digging, planting, pruning… even while raising my ten children and running our home. For the last ten twenty years or so I have been writing these gardening pages that began as a way to share my skills and enthusiasm in neighborly “over the fence” articles.

For Beginners

Besides advice for people who garden in similar conditions to Ohio’s temperate climate, I hope to give Beginning Gardeners a foot up the learning-curve ladder. Gaining confidence in their endeavors to create a home landscape, enjoying what it is to make a beautiful place with a simple set of skills. Yes, there truly is an art to digging a hole! To share ideas with fellow, longterm diggers of the soil through informative articles on garden history and design, interesting ways to put together ornamental plants and tips on growing plants well is just as important.

Quite Honestly

My site is not the most extensive, nor the most flashy, but it is honestly me, and all my opinions and recommendations come from my own experience. I work at being very thorough in my research, by habit, and try to present the most accurate information; if you find a mistake please do contact me with any corrections. I am open to corrections, and suggestions-anything that improves the site for my readers :)

Ohio and Middle Western Grittiness

One of my first postings? Gardening In The Midwest.

Over the years, my focus refined to Central Ohio as my territory of expertise. Don’t ask me about tropical plantings in Florida or Texas Black Gumbo soil. Thankfully many of the elements of design and growing plants are perennially useful to gardeners everywhere. I seek to write evergreen info that can benefit most anyone.

There is a real “Ilona”, and I have a real garden. Welcome to my site. I’ve been making this website since 1998, and gardening since forever (creating my own gardens since 1974). My intent is to provide solid reliable information on home gardening. Think of me as your internet gardening neighbor sharing tips over the fence.


I took up the camera in the effort to illustrate these pages, share my own yard’s progress and evolution. Speaking of evolution… if you want to know the history of this site, how it evolved from a little bitty page on a free site to the numerous pages and sister sites it is today (all still written and run completely by me) … read on to learn more About this Site.

Or begin at The Start Page, or even Take The Grand Tour for those who have some time to really explore the site or just go ahead and sign up to my brand new Newsletter! It’s free!

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