Design Your Own Home Garden

Design styles, principles, and color

Decisions, Decisions

traditional stone house

One reason to have a plan is to incorporate good design into the many areas of a yard surrounding a home.

Why Plan?

Purpose Of Design

The Look For Your Home Landscape

Garden styles involve more than picking something that looks pretty.

Many garden styles have gorgeous examples of city, suburban, estate, and even rural gardens, but are they the right one for you to plan for your own yard?

There are considerations of upkeep, money and effort involved in the installation, whether the garden complements the house, which are but a few of the features which give a yay or nay to the idea of  a particular style.

The Style For You


There are traditional styles, and those that express the culture of an area, or even a culture you admire, any of which might be the way you visualize your yard. Symmetrical Colonial plans could be just the thing for a FourSquare, Dutch Colonial, Cape Cod, or New England Saltbox.


Some of the oldest uses of the surrounding yard are the Cottage gardens. Though they have changed from fulfilling subsistence needs to ornamental purpose. Food gardens might be fashioned like those of a Medieval cloister or the kitchen garden of a castle. Humble or high style, edible yards are a powerful trend in home landscapes.


Countries also developed certain styles that were so identified with them that they bore their names: English gardens, Italian, New American.


IF you have a modern ranch house, contemporary designs or naturalistic plantings might be appealing.  If you want something totally incongruent with your house style, there is no reason why you couldn’t indulge your taste with a hidden garden, something of a surprise and delight without looking confused or “muddled”.

In this way types of garden design are more of a tool than a rule. Creating an outdoor living space that is useful and pleasing to the eye is the main goal for most homeowners, and that is the general purpose of this exercise in deciding style.


Some Popular Garden Styles

Design Blogposts

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Structure In The Garden

Give your garden personality and style through structure

Garden Experts

Lessons from famous garden experts.
Design is made up of spaces, objects (the buildings, paths, etc.) and the plantings. Putting together the puzzle makes an interesting occupation of time, with results that can provide lasting pleasure.
Rock Garden Waterfall

Design Workbook

Handy Garden Journal

Keep track with your own garden journal- design, record plants, track growth and chores.

The Next Step: Get Planning

Once you have decided on the style and the elements of what you want in a garden plan, put it together.

I love idea boards, and online, what place is better for building a dream garden than Pinterest?

I also think a garden journal, some graph paper to plot out different idea is great. Even if you already have a garden, this type of brainstorming can give you fresh ways of looking at your landscape.

Choose any or all organizers

flowernotes:  Journal, buy one or print your own.

flowernotes:  Notebook with graph, note, and blank paper; tabbed dividers; pocket dividers.

flowernotes:  Pinboard for plans, photos, etc.

Outline Your Place and Plot

3 Garden Questions

Is it worth it? Does it grow well? Does it stand on its own?

Pinterest Inspiration

Tips and Tutorials collected on Pinterest
Helpful External Links

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Work The Plan

A habit for garden success is to create plans and priorities.