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Growing your own food is more than a fad, it is a feast! It is easy to start out with a little patch of tomato and peppers plants, and a row of fresh lettuces. Really, there is nothing easier. People even can grow some of these veggies in containers on their balcony- so don’t wait, and don’t feel intimidated by lack of experience… start your own home vegetable garden this season.

Bargain Book:
Kindle copy of F. P. Rockwell’s
HOME VEGETABLE GARDENING: A Complete And Practical Guide To The Planting And Care Of All Vegetables…Worth Growing For Home Use

I have a number of pages to help you either start with a beginning home vegetable garden, or move on to creating a landscape features, if that is in your plans. There is no part of the garden more beneficial to your overall enjoyment of life than the food garden, or Kitchen Garden -as some like to call it.

Grow your vegetables:

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Vegetable Garden Books I Love

You might like to read my review of “The Kitchen Garden”.

This book by Jennifer Bartley is probably my all time favorite vegetable gardening book, probably because it combines growing food with good looks in the landscape.

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