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Bees love fragrant flowers

Here are ideas on how to make a fragrant garden, some plants renowned for their pleasant odor, and where to plant them for the most pleasure.

Combining spring blooming perennials and bulbs makes a pretty picture

Few of us will ever see a true prairie like the pioneers of old had seen, but we can bring the plantings and the feeling of them into our gardens.

“Begin with the End in Mind”. How often had I read that as a young gardener?

Japanese style fountain

…the combination of a path curving through a garden, a spot with a gently splashing fountain, and a garden seat are ideal in the creation of a garden

Help the bees and make your garden beautiful at the same time.

Start a garden project of growing your own herbs. Complete how-to page.

We have all seen these foundation shrub problems, because they are all too common. Four shrub mistakes to avoid.

Purple-foliaged plants fascinate and draw attention to themselves. Gardeners love them.

A wonderful garden idea that can keep you happy in every season.

Garden design

Short history of garden styles that make our modern landscape.

Fairy Garden

Fairy garden communities take on a smaller scale of design and are perfect for small spaces. How to create one.

New American style planting

If English gardening is about the intricate interplay of plants in textured layers of plantings, then the American style is simplicity of impact.

Famous English garden

You might describe a large number of historical styles as “English”, but the national flavor is best thought of as a set of characteristic factors that compose a garden “in the English style”.