Three Fairy Garden Plans

Ilona Erwin

A Fairy Garden Indoors, and a Fairy Garden Outdoors

The Indoor Fairy Garden

Because an Indoor Fairy Garden is created to stay inside your home, it can be much more intricate, and delicate, in furnishings. It can take advantage of houseplants, but also has the same needs for light and humidity. If you wish to have your indoor fairy garden somewhere besides near a window a plantlight creating sufficient light will be a necessary part of your plan. To display a fairy house, a larger container with a flat bottom and secure stand might be desired.

Don’t let a shortage of natural light put a damper on your wish to create an indoor garden.

You can use terrarium moss, or sphagnum moss to make the base of the garden. Arrange very small stones to be a path, to a miniature fairy house or a seat.

There are many tiny flowering plants, but this one would have a creeping ficus, a miniature Maidenhair fern for height, the blooms of tiny Sinningias, and the bitty iris Acorus minima, perhaps with club moss instead of terrarium woodland moss.

Click here for Suggested Indoor Fairy Garden Plants

  • Moss or Selaginella “Club Moss”
  • Ficus pumila (repens) ‘Minima’
  • Adiantum hispidulum “Australian Maidenhair Fern”
  • Miniature Sinningias
  • Acorus minima

Source for these miniature plants:
The Violet Barn

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Add a new/old Fairy House if you have a protected space on the porch or inside: How to transform your dollhouse to a faerie house.

Fairy house made from a dollhouse

How to Transform Your Dollhouse Into a Faerie House

The Outdoor Fairy Garden

These gardens can be tucked into spaces in the garden and enliven a space that might otherwise go neglected. a fairy Garden could be a destination point in the garden, or a wayside nook among trees, along a path. Use your imagination to plan the placement of this delightful type of garden and it may become one of your favorite projects.

A Shady Fairy Garden

If you have a somewhat shady space, start with a bed of moss.
Living Moss – For Bonsai, Terrariumsterrarium moss
Moss Milkshakeadd water for a moss garden

Click for Outdoor Shady Fairy Garden Suggested Plants


A wooded area or the edge of a shaded garden seems to be an ideal situation for this Fairy Garden, but don’t overlook a collection of containers, and dish garden pots on a shady porch or patio, to design this darling garden of tiny hosta varieties, violas, and companion plants. A toad house or small receptacle for water could be added as well as the fairy garden furnishings that give the look you want.

More About Mouse Ear Hostas

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Fairies for your Fairy Garden.
Some people like to people their fairy gardens with statuettes

A Sunny Fairy Garden

Bluets, Houstonia, are a beautiful choice to grow in your outdoor fairy garden. Houstonia pusilla, Houstonia caerulea (Hedyotis caerulea), and Houstonia candensis are all good candidates.

Blue fescue grass is a mounded grass that stays small, and makes a companion to the Bluets. Both ‘Elijah Blue’ and ‘Boulder Blue’ are fine choices, ‘Elijah Blue’ being more widely available.


Small-scale Dianthus are a bright spot of color with glaucous finely textured foliage. Locate D.’Wink’ or the D.’Tiny Rubies’ varieties for this outdoor miniature garden. Like the rest of the plants in this garden plan, it likes sun.

Keep in mind that many shady plants like to bloom in springtime, when they get the majority of their sunlight before trees and shrubs leaf out. You can add color during the season with colored pebbles or small garden ornaments.

colorful fairy garden

Another sunny Fairy Garden

Click for Outdoor Sunny Fairy Garden Suggested Plants

  • Bluets
  • ‘Boulder Blue’ or ‘Elijah Blue’ Blue Fescue
  • Dianthus’Wink’
  • Tulipa ‘Fairy Princess’
  • Stonecrop sedum
  • Miniature bonsai evergreen, such as Chamaecyparis Pisifera Fili

A sunny spot with groups of these little plantings and some small rocks and fairy garden ornaments or even a small birdbath might be a pretty plant for a corner of your garden or beside a tree stump in a patch of lawn. Adjacent to a children’s garden would also be a natural position to create this sunny fairy garden plan. Three each of these plants, maybe more of the bluets, and ten each of the bulbs.

Reduce the number of plants for a container, while increasing according to the garden space for those planted outdoors.

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