Trellises, Arbors, And Vertical Spaces

rose on trellis

A Page of Idea Inspirations

A garden just seems unfinished without a few ornamental structures and flowering vines on them. Some of the most memorable gardens seem to incorporate some form of vertical interest, and small spaces especially benefit from the expanded area to grow plantings. Here is an idea page to stimulate your imagination in planning a few of these upward growing structures, whether they stand alone or against a wall, or attach to a porch. All create a different feeling and add the opportunity for exciting plants, some create a sense of enclosure or privacy.

I always seems to have had trellis on the porch, and my present garden has several arbors. Although not materialized in my real garden, I dream of a pergola, a structure that adorns some of the finest gardens. It seems I am not alone in admiring vertical gardening, since garden stores have blossomed with many beautiful trellis and tuteurs (stand-alone pyramid plant supports).

Build A Trellis or Buy One

Plow & Hearth
A trellis is such an easy way to dress up a garden of any style, whether formal or informal. If you are handy, there are many plans to make good looking trellises or you can purchase them, in all sorts of designs, sizes and weights.

Decorated with a clambering or vining plant, a trellis gives privacy where wanted or decorative interest to a flat expanse of wall. After a few inspirations of the structures themselves, follows suggestions for plant choices.

Free Plans for D-I-Y Garden structures:

Pink Rose Trellis
If you are even a little handy with a hammer and nails, there is a how-to plan for you. There are so many beautiful ready made trellis and arbors that a page like this can only whet your taste with a small sampling. Look for a structure that is sturdy enough for the weather conditions and weight of the planned plants to grow upon it. Wisteria is notoriously challenging for supports and needs the strongest, while Morning Glory vines will happily twine around even lightweight strings strung between nail fasteners.

Links for Garden Structures:
Make A Willow Arbor

Purchase a Trellis

Treated Pine Imperial Arbor with Hooks, Lattice, Seat, and 4′ Swing

Some Tuteurs to Buy


Trellis w/ Vine Overgrowth

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