Dutch Bulbs Quicktips

Dutch Bulbs Quicktips

 A Quick Tips and Info List

Print this and take to the store or use it when ordering from catalogs or making your garden plans.


Generally plant tulips bulbs 6 to 8 inches deep.

  • Darwins and hybrids grow 20-30 inches
  • Fosteriana grow 12-24 inches
  • Triumph grow to 20 inches, sometimes 14″, or 24″
  • Single Early grow 14″-22″
  • Single Lates grow 18 to 24 inches
  • Parrots grow 14″ to 24″
  • Lily flowered grow 18-22 inches, occasionally to 24″
  • Kaufmannia grow 6-12 inches
  • Greigeii grow 12-15 inches
  • Tiny species types can be as small as 4″ high
  • Take your written list of desired varieties to the store
  • Tulips are hardy in USDA sones 3 to 7
  • Tulips need good drainage and sun; morning sun especially good.

Tulipa Types and Bloomtime

  1. Species tulips, Fosteriana, Early Single Tulips, Early Double Tulips, Greigeii Tulips are Early
  2. Darwin Tulips, Triumph Tulips, Rembrandt Triumph Tulips,Fringed Tulips are Midseason
  3. Double Late Tulips, Lily-flowering Tulip, Multi-flowering Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Single Late Tulips, Viridiflora Tulips are Late


  • Should be planted depth of 3x their bulb height (3″-8″)
  • Check their heights -daffodils vary widely
  • Divisions are based on flower type and shape; there are 13 divisions
  • Size designations are : DNI = the largest, with a 16+ centimeter (cm) circumference; DN II = 14-16 cm; DN III =12-14 cm
  • Bloomtimes range from very early through late spring, but most are early spring. Check the variety.
  • Daffodils need at least 6 hrs of sun
  • Daffodils are dependable and will need to be divided after four to five years, usually.


  • Planting depth of 3 to 4 inches
  • Height 4-6 inches
  • 8 Bulbs per square ft.
  • Bloom very early spring


  • Planting depth of 4 inches
  • Heights of 8 to 12 inches
  • Space 3 bulbs per square foot
  • Hardy in zones 5-9
  • Bloom Midspring


  • Plant smaller types, Moly, Roseum, Ostrowskianum, Neopolitanum, etc. 10 Bulbs in a square ft.
  • Larger types, Caeruleum, Sphaerocephalum or Drumstick Allium in 3 to 5 bulb per sq.ft groups. and the Largest like ‘Globemaster’ or ‘Gladiator’ in one per sq. ft. spacing.
  • Blooms early summer

For the benefits of more information, check my bulbs pages:

When planning to plant your bulbs remember to note heights and bloomtimes. Don’t let yourself be disappointed by taller varieties obscuring the shorter ones, or being misled by the pictures on Spring collection advertisements or boxes. Group the bulbs that will bloom together with the colors you like and step their heights so each type is given its best position.