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Not too many personal garden sites are a one-man show, with reliable information that is free with a minimum of ads. This claims to be one, and I believe that people generally appreciate the personal touch.

There are some affiliate links, particularly to Amazon, and they are in the spirit of convenience and helpfulness to readers. I believe that people will want to support the great information and my continued writing and creation efforts! This is your opportunity to do that :)

I made this page so you can give for the benefit you believe the pages provide you. Neither of us wants to fill up space with constant begging! Thank you, kind readers.

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coffee flavor kissesWith your help I can continue to create this site with all the costs it requires: hosting, making graphics, taking photos, presentation costs of themes and plugins, and many more.

A number of times the site has been unavailable because I really need to pay much more for bandwidth than I can afford at this time.

I have reinvested the income from my web sites into publishing and maintaining. I dream of someday makng it more than a hobby. Any help you give is appreciated.

Two Choices
As friends, a donation to show appreciation for a particular article or helpful garden tips with the equivalent of buying me a “tall cup of coffee” is welcome. Or grant me a larger donation to further my work. The paypal pages take you to a suggested donation, but you can give whatever you decide. Thank you so much.

donationI’d like to help support this site.

Sharing Is Caring, Too

Money isn’t the only way to support a writer-webmaster. I had to get over the dread of promoting myself, but there is only so much a body can do when it comes to sharing websites and articles. Then there is all the other work that comes with it: running Facebook pages, making video for Youtube (sporadically, but I’d like to change that!), etc.
If you like or share the articles, pin the photos, or use your preferred way of spreading the love, it makes it all worthwhile.

Everyone’s time is precious, and online activity has changed so much that many bloggers have found themselves stretched thin. It is only with the help of our “tribe”, those who love us enough to follow and share, that we can thrive.

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