Garden Photography

Garden Photography

I began photographing gardens, my own and others, to illustrate my garden blog, Ilona’s Garden Journal, and to use on this site. Now I’m creating some Zazzle products from my photos, along with creating computer graphic art with those photos.

Totally Ilona
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Photo Colophon

A Sony Cyber-shot Camera is the camera I use, when not using my iPhone.

I almost always use my iPhone, and accidentally lost all of the latest photos from my camera in the past year when I cleared the memory card before double checking on the downloaded photos.

Photo Editing

Photoshop is the best program to buy for editing, and ‘Photoshop Elements’ is an economical version of the program. And on my Mac I use Gimp, which is also free! It takes a learning curve, but many tutorials are available on Youtube.

Photography Tips From Saxon Holt

One of the garden photographers I most admire is Saxon Holt, so I made a fanpage about him.

Not strictly for photos, an online graphics editor called PicMonkey has been making my site graphics better and much more easily. If you do Instagram or have a blog, this site is a real boon. It makes your work look pro, even if you have few tech skillz.

  PicMonkey Photo editing made of win