Repeating The Questions


There is quite a bit of repetition in gardening. Some of it is reassuring and soothing:

  • The turn of the seasons
  • The specific tasks of each season
  • The methodical labor of weeding and deadheading and harvesting
  • Pruning in early winter
  • Clearing away the end season plantings and readying for the next spring.

3 questionsThere are also quandaries and conundrums, questions that disturb us and send us in search of answers:

  • Why did my plant die?
  • What is this insect pest?
  • How do I… ?

For gardeners, many questions come up frequently and inspire the well known “FAQ”. This is a post to help you look over the common types of skill and problem questions that arise for many gardeners.

The General Garden FAQ

Dutch Bulb Quicktips

Your FAQ

What Skills Should I Have?

When Should I Transplant?

When Should I Divide Daylilies?

When Should I Prune My Mugo Pine?

Do you have a list of questions that gardeners ask you or that you ask others? List of gardening tips, or general chore calendars will often anticipate the most commonly asked quandaries.

I’ve gardened for a half century now and I still want to know things like what I can do about new insect pests that have invaded or why a beloved plant died.

General Springtime Tips

Some things we ask because we struggle with specific conditions that prove difficult:

  • Dry shady places…what will grow there?
  • What plants will bloom for a long period?
  • Which ones are easy to grow?

Many articles are written for just such answers to be found, but I like handy lists.

My List of Lists

What is your favorite way to get your questions answered? Garden books or dictionaries? Do you have a master gardener as a neighbor? A favorite online site?

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