New: Fairy Garden Terrarium Ideas

Ilona Erwin

Home Decor at Banggood has glass balls that hang on an iron rod, they have several tutorial illustrations, including this one. Once you have the basic how-to, there are many ideas in filling them with creative vignettes.


Simple diagram from

Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas, but you already knew that. Here is one that looked interesting. Very simple -but reminiscent of a forest.

fairy garden terrarium

by â™›maedeh fadaeiâ™›

Garden Therapy posted a unique idea in this article: solar light caps for mason jars. Yes! Simple mason jars!

There are plenty of illustrated little gardens in this ebay guide.

terrarium idea

Using only some moss and maybe a few plants, the tiny miniature furnishings look like they are waiting for fairies to return.



Made by Belinda Doyle, showcased on Garden Sparkle blog

Garden Sparkle’s customer Belinda Doyle made a most enticing little world in her glass globe. The blog provides instructions for all the steps to pull together results like her own.

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