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Plant profiles, seasonal highlights and combinations, bring the beauty of nature in a focused way to our garden spaces.

Gardening Tips and Tasks

Take advantage of knowledge that leads to best practices in planting, pruning, and yard maintenance.

Tools and Techniques

Learn about gardening tools and how best to use them, as well as recommended types and brands.

Desirable Design

From the basic elements of landscape design to the garden styles that work best with your home and lifestyle, explore the trove of articles here.

Beginning Gardening

Landscape 101

All the Basics

Garden How-To

Get quick tips and collated articles on the design topics you’re looking for.

Site Tour Sampler

Overview of the entire site with a breakdown of the main points of interest. 

Our Knowledge Nursery

Think of this site as a garden nursery of knowledge about plants and landscape design. Seeds of inspiration and guides for getting the most out of your planting efforts should sprout into experience of nature which is the real teacher in this endeavor.

The importance of gardening technique and tips is that the success it gardners fuels your enthusiasm and helps you to not give up in the inevitable failures. Life is ever changing, in which the garden a microcosm of that truth. Plants are lost to freak cold snaps or heat waves and droughts, but the fresh and unexpected beauties of the earth overshadow any losses.

Don’t underestimate your possibilities or those of your garden. As you experience the special characteristics of your climate and soil, you will also discover your own capacities and delights in cultivating your ground.

My hope is that you discern what type of gardener you are, what most delights you in the outdoor space, and develop the capabilities of making the most of both.

Garden FAQ

Quick answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the Garden FAQ, which then will link you to in depth articles on the topic.


So many things are seasonal, from tasks to projects, to activities and enjoyments. See what the seasons have to offer. You might even find some recipes here!

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Good Soil

What is “good soil”? Learn more in an overview of what separates dirt from garden soil.

Building healthy soil is the foundation of every successful garden. Mulching, compost, soil amendments all help.

Do You Like Gardening Quotes?

“Designing the garden is like learning to speak. You begin with odd words learning the individual plants. Then you create a simple phrase, finding two or three plants that look well together, next comes a sentence and finally the complete story.”
~ Beth Chatto

The most serious gardening I do would seem very strange to an onlooker, for it involves hours of walking round in circles, apparently doing nothing. ~ Helen Dillon

Everything to begin your D-I-Y design.

Design Guide


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