February Garden Chores

Take Stock Of The Garden

Heel down any frost lifted plants

A good time to go through seeds and supplies, walk around your garden to see if any plants are frost lifted.
See what is starting to bud or bloom.

Check your birdfeeders.

Check stored bulbs, it is time to pull them out and plant.

Summer Flower Bulbs

Dahlias, Gladiolas, Cannas, Etc.

You can pull out your catalogs and order your spring plant choices. At this date, there may be reduced stock of the most wanted, but most nurseries still have plenty of choices available to order.

Maybe you are planning on special tuberous begonias or cannas to bloom throughout the summer. Check on bulbs you have saved. Those should be planted now, indoors.

Spring Flower Bulbs

Even if you live in a cold climate you are probably seeing the leaves poke through,the ground this month. Some very early flowering bloomers,like Snowdrops, are flowering. Snow crocus might be showing some color for you. Take a walk into the garden and see!

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Vegetable Gardening

Get all those seed starting supplies together because it is time to begin starting seeds indoors, depending on germination times.

Time your plants for planting out a little later rather than earlier especially if they are warmth loving crops like tomatoes or eggplants.

Clear away debris from your vegetable patch, if weather allows it.

Look for days when there are dry conditions to work in the garden. Check soil moisture by digging a trowel-ful. Ball some in your have, if it clumps, don’t work the garden yet. My Februarys are normally wet with snow melt, but yoru garden might allow some preliminary work.


Vegetable Gardening Pages

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You can use your windowsills for your seedlings, but eventually a set-up like the one from Sunlite Garden will be on your wish list.

Annual Flowers That Need Early Sowing

Annuals such as Ageratum, Lobelia, Petunias, Salpiglossis, Snapdragons, Verbena, Vinca, can be started now.
Information pages:
Starting from Seed

If you like to force blooming branches or bulbs, that can be done this month.

Bulbs and Perennials

Watch out for frost heave during the thaws and freezes of this month. This is more pronounced when plantings aren’t under a mulch. Go around the garden and heel lifted plants back into the ground.

Fertilizing can start at the end of the month.

February tends to be damp and cold in Ohio. There is not much outside gardening going on in Zone 5, although you can stay quite busy inside with getting tools ready, starting new plants and seeds, ordering from catalogs, and making garden plans.
Order Tools Now

Order fertilizers and any tools you need for the coming season.

Clean, sharpen, and ready existing tools.

Set up any apps or your garden journal, if you haven’t already. Log your seed purchases and growing information. Create some goals.