Winter Garden Maintenance

Winter Garden Articles

Winter Beauties

Winter can be a time of stark beauty, things to appreciate about the season… check it out

Winter Gardening Tips

It’s cold, but there are still garden tasks that can be done -life is never boring for a gardener…
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Winter Composting

Keep things fermenting… some words

Ten Winter Features

Keep things fermenting… 10 plants to give the garden winter interest

A List of Favorite Christmas Plants

December is Christmas season, with many plants that are great to give or to spruce up your own home; plant requirements to keep them pretty … more

5 Choices for Living Christmas Trees

If you are thinking of buying a living tree to plant in your yard after decorating for Christmas, read this…take me there

5 Point Plan

Start with a plan to plan, what you need to consider, an outline of putting your thoughts together to work for you…
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Garden Catalogs

A big part of winter gardening is planning next years garden and using good catalogs to choose and order from. Decipher the lingo, and my own preferred companies…
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Create a Garden

Winter is premier planning time, what you need to actually create that garden …read more

Locate Garden Bones

Plot the shape and structure of your garden in the dead of winter …read more

Flowering Kale and Cabbage

Flowering Kale will give you early winter color, until hard frosts do them in…
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Find Your Planting Zone
Plant Profiles Page

Remember your bird friends, now is the time to keep bird feeders filled and purchase bird seed supplies, etc.