June Garden Chores

New Dawn

“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.”
Gertrude Jekyll, On Gardening

June Maintenance Guide

Garden tips and schedule of tasks for this month:

create a garden

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Water all those newly planted things.

*When watering, try to keep it on the ground and off the leaves to prevent mold and diseases. Soaker hoses are good for this.

*Weed diligently. It is easiest to weed after a rainfall, and early in the morning when the days start heating up

Deadhead rhododendrons, lilacs, and perennials after they flower, prune spring flowering shrubs once they are done blooming.

deadheadingplucking the spent blooms from plants is the task of removing spent flowers- it prolongs the bloom time of annuals, prevents seeding, and keeps the plants looking good

*Give creeping phlox a haircut, just trim back the unruly growth, and it will reward you with rejuvenated growth.

*Lawn mowing is prime time, hopefully you have a mulching mower to keep clippings on the lawn.

Best Rated Mulching Lawn Mowers

from different review sources, including Popular Mechanics

*Complete planting summer-flowering bulbs.



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Short, soft cuttings taken now should root fairly quickly and produce small plants by the end of the year.

Once you’ve taken cuttings, you must keep them moist at all times.


Belinda is an old fashioned rose

This is the month for roses, dead head blooms and take care of the plants as needed. Visit a rose garden and take notes of varieties you like .
*Keep fertilizing, deadheading, and water your rose plants for best flowering.

Vegetable Garden:

vegetable gardening

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*Harvest your salad makings. Lettuce bolts when weather gets hot, but June is a month of salad days. More about “Growing Your Own Greens“.

*Harvest early in the day for better quality.

*Sow beans and other heat tolerant veggies. You can still sow sweet corn and beans every two weeks until July.
Direct sow bush beans every two weeks.

Flower Garden

Garden Calender

*Soak nasturtium and morning glory seeds in lukewarm water for an hour to overnight, then sow. You can also nick the hard seedcoat with a file. Speeds germination.

*Direct sow marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, finish sowing annuals by mid-month.

*Pinch off tips of chrysanthemums for bushier plants, more bloom, but stop by July 1st.

*Keep planting tender annuals until mid-month and if the weather is moderate, until July.

*Store leftover seeds in a tightly sealed jar in the refrigerator for next year. Add a desiccant like those little packets of silica or a wad of cotton.

*Once the ground is dry, watering with a soaker hose is more efficient than a sprinkler or hand held hose.

*Use beer traps for slugs. Diatomaceous earth is another control for insects and slugs. More slug control information from U. of Minnesota.


*Take stem tip cuttings (softwood cuttings) for increasing stock of deciduous shrubs, such as forsythia, lilac, pyracantha and weigela.

* Prune any spring or early summer flowering shrubs after they have bloomed. Pruning Tips.

*Fertilize shrubs and trees until end of month.

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