August Garden Chores

August Maintenance Guide



*If you have a fall garden, now is the time to plant it, lettuce, spinach, chard, and kale can all be grown.

Take cuttings of rosemary, mints, basil, sage, thyme & parsley, and root them in water. Almost all herbs will grow new roots from a clean healthy stem in a glass with clean water winthin a few weeks. Don’t take cuttings with flowers on – the plant’s energy will go into the flowers and they won’t survive to grow roots. You can plant your little starts directly in your garden next month.

new herbs for your kitchen garden

new herbs for your kitchen garden

Starting now through September is of the best times to give place in the edible garden for perennial herbs, fruit bushes and trees which are hardy in your area.

Garden Tip: Seeds need to be planted deeper than in the spring since the moisture level in the soil is lower.

* Pinch the ends off pumpkin vines to encourage development of the fruit already set on the vines.
Same way with tomatoes,if you remove the growing tips of tomato plants during about the middle of the month it will encourage the fruit to develop and ripen.

*Wait for a few days of dry weather before harvesting watermelons and they will be sweeter.

*The better the growing conditions in August and September, the better strawberries will be next June. Make sure that strawberries receive at least an inch of water a week throughout this time period.

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Flower beds and containers:

*Didn’t cut back your annuals? You can still do it now, at the beginning of the month.

*Sow hollyhocks, poppies and larkspur for next year’s flowers.

*If the seed pods are left on fuchsias, the energy of the plant will be diverted into seed production and it will stop flowering. Pinch out the growing tips.

Perennial flowers:

*Order peony roots for planting in September;
time to order bulbs, too. Check out my pages on tulip and daffodil bulbs, and the minor bulbs, before you order.

*Divide and transplant garden irises and daylilies.

Good time to dry flowers.

poppiesOriental poppies can be safely planted, transplanted, and divided this month.
Do not mulch dormant poppies.

*Buy your chrysanthemums and plant them now. They love fertilizer, but give them a chance to settle in, then use a blooming formula.

Plant Madonna lilies now

5 Best Perennials For August Flowers

General Landscape:

*Don’t fertilize plants now; give them time to harden-off before winter. Stop fertilizing roses after the 10th of the month.

*Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered.
*Root cuttings of woody shrubs and evergreens

*Weeds can tell you what kind of soil you have. Sheep sorrel indicates an acid soil, goldenrod means an alkaline soil, and sedge or bindweed indicates poor drainage.

*For dense, bushy plants, clip lavender as the flowers fade. Shorten newer shoots but don’t cut into the old wood.

*Fall blooming Crocus should be planted this month.

*Start a compost pile. :)