Monthly Garden Tips

June Is …

A month full of roses, salad days, summer vacations, burgeoning and blossoming. It’s time to plant beans, to harvest strawberries and cherries, to stare at the clouds.


July Is …

Corn and cucumbers, melons, and icy drinks. Picnics and hot weather, swimming and morning weeding sessions. Time to get the harvesting started and canning the produce.

August Is …

Dog days and mosquitoes, tomatoes and peppers, peaches and picking beans. It is time to get fall gardens started, and take time out to cool off. Back to school and an end to summer, but still canning!

Summer Garden Articles

Find Your Planting Zone
Plant Profiles Page

New Gardening Year: A Month-by-month Guide to Success in the Garden (Readers Digest)

Fragrant Summer flowers

Fragrance in the garden, plants and blooms that yield sweet aromas into your garden air -and home!… check it out

Dry Weather and Using Moisture Wisely

Tips on creating a xeriscape garden and methods of mulching… more

Who are the Good Bugs?

Insects love the hot summer weather, too. Using the good bugs to battle the bad ones…take me there

Container Planting

Nothing brightens up summer like container pots full of flowers, and they are easy! …read more

For Your Containers (part 2)

Summer Annuals

Bright color from annuals -suggestions on how to plant for best effect, planting tips and three pages with plant profiles and some color schemes to use…
Annual Flower Color

Annual Primer

What To Do When Your Garden Gets Away From You

It happens to the best of us and July and August in the summer is when we realize what has happened- what you can do…
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Think Bulbs

Spring is the time to enjoy them, fall is the time to plant them, but summer is the time to order and purchase them…
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