Spring Garden Tips


Spring Garden Tips

This is the time of year when everything goes into high gear: the garden, the gardener, and the plants. Winter’s rest is over and everything is eager to get growing again.

Most Important tip: Pace Yourself.

Check for winter damage.

Advice for winter damage

Have plants heaved out of the soil from the frost action? Push them back in. Did ice and snow break branches? Are twigs showing buds of new growth? Prune now if you need to clean jagged breaks, etc. Prune plants that bloom on new growth. Don’t prune old growth bloomers, those that set their buds last season, or you will lose the flowers this year.All spring blooming trees and shrubs grew their blooms during last year, don’t prune them until after they flower this spring.

Spring months are “muddy” months, here. A great tip is to have garden boots or clogs that make getting around in such conditions easy.

Muck Boots

Have you started seeds indoors? Remember to keep them moist, but not wet. They will need “hardening off’ before planting outdoors.

Do not to remove mulch too soon, to keep the soil from drying out too quickly and protect from late frosts.

See each month’s page for the chores to do and seasonal gardening tips:

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