November Garden Chores

November is a halfway month,halfway between fall and winter; halfway between the reds and gold of October and the grays of December … It is the month of browns. ~Haydn S. Pearson

the brown landscape

the brown landscape

November is a month to finish up all those chores that need to be done before winter. Put away the tools, finish planting the bulbs, get the outdoor furniture put away or covered. There may be time for a last mowing, and be sure to rake up the leaves so they don’t smother your grass and plants under any snow cover.

Leave the garden in the fall the way you want to find it is the spring

Dig the hole for the Living Christmas Trees if you plan to have one.

Finish up leaf removal from the garden, and from the gutters.

Regularly mow autumn leaves into the lawn to improve soil quality and fertility. Set the blades to 3 -3 1/2 inches and mow often.

Spray anti-desiccant on your evergreens, if you want to protect them from drying winds.

Mound up soil around roses. They may need more protection, cover them this month

Apply winter mulch once the ground gets frozen.

Load up the compost pile with leaves, plant debris.Shred or chop them, even mow over them, to break down more quickly.

Wrap your fruit trees if deer are a problem.

Plant garlic and horseradish.

Flowering Kale and Flowering Cabbage, are frost resistant and gives pretty color even in November

Flower bulbs

The ground is still not frozen in Ohio, bulbs can still be planted.

Flower Bulbs

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Clean and oil garden tools. Store Garden hoses.

Store pesticides away from children and pets.

Calcium, magnesium, and/or potassium- chloride granules de-icing products are better for plants than salt. Not cheaper, though. Weigh cost with replacement costs for plants.

Have supply of sand for traction on winter sidewalks.

OSU Garden Tips for 12 months.