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Once upon a time, there was a little clearing in the garden, an empty old wheelbarrow, a broken flower pot… and then inspiration and imagination created an intricate and fascinating tiny world!

After getting the basic fairy garden components together, perhaps you would like a little more inspiration. Here are some pictures and resource ideas to ignite your imagination and inspire your own fairy garden.

How to make a Fairy Garden

Everything you want to know to make a Fairy Garden. All the steps to make your own fairy garden, the place, the plants, and the plan.

make your own Fairy Garden

fairy garden idea


Scan down the page for plant suggestions…

Fairy Garden Plants

Wooly thyme (Thymus Lanuginosus)
All about thyme, plant profile

Irish moss (Sagina subulata)
Morning sun with normal moisture. I grow some between pavement sections and it is hardy in Zone 5. Native to wet, gravelly sands.

Blue Star Creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis)
Height: Low ground level mat.
Spread: 18 – 24″
USDA Zones: 5 – 9
Full Sun – Partial Shade

Alpine Cranesbill (Erodium reichardii) “Dark Eyes”
Hardy to USDA Zone 7a
Full Sun

Brass Buttons (Leptinella squalida) “Platts Black”
Plant needs:
Zone: 4 to 10
Height: 0 to 0.25 feet
Spread: 0.25 to 1 foot
Bloom Time: June – July
Bloom Color: Yellow
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low

Primroses, Primula veris
Hardy to zone 4, part shade, moist soil, benefits from added organic matter.

Miniature mondo grass, Ophiopogon japonicum ‘Nana’
Hardy to USDA Zones 6-10
Part Sun to Shade
Medium to Low moisture

Annuals: Lobelia erinus, Dahlberg daisies,Leptosiphon.

For Terrariums

Indoor terrarium fairy garden plants.
* Cushion moss (leucobryum)
* Hair cap moss (polytrichum)
* Reindeer moss (cladonia rangiferina)
* Irish moss (sagina subulata)
* Fern moss (selaginella)
* Club moss (selaginella krausiana)
* Autumn fern (dryoptersis erythrosora)
* Mini phalaenopsis orchids
* Baby’s tears (soleirolia soleirolii)

How To Make A Fairy Garden Terrarium


fairy garden ideas

fairy garden ideas

Plants used in the picture above include Sweet Alyssum [annual], Irish moss [perennial], Wooly thyme [perennial], Armeria [perennial], Candytuft [annual], Needleleaf Ivy [tender], Polka-dot plant [tender]. It is the accessories that add the magic!

Find arbors, wheelbarrows and much more with link to Miniature Accessories

Fairy Garden Extras – a collection of fairies and furniture, and other small delights.

fairy garden

fairy garden






Fairy Garden Zazzle products
Fairy Houses

An entertaining video on making a fairy house.



Inspirational Resources

To make mini gardens in general, and fairy gardens…
Two Green Thumbs Shop

The Mini Garden Guru

Build a Fairy House

Make a Fairy Bed

Whimsical Fairy Garden

Fairy House Mushroom Garden

Fairy Laundry Day

Fairy Houses tucked into a hill.

Fairy Houses from Tracy Kane


About Hungarian Fairies

The Fascination Of Fairy Homes


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