List of Flowering Perennials for Dry Shade


The Difficult Spot

Dry shade is usually considered a very difficult spot for plants. Under Maple trees, with their heavy shade and shallow roots, or under overhanging eaves next to a building, these areas are less than ideal. We may want to mulch them with stones or shredded bark.

But if you decide to try planting a dry shady place, try some of the plants listed here. They may be a short spurt of bloom, or contribute a groundcover effect.

Be aware if a wildflower is chosen: it may be ephemeral and disappear after going dormant in summer. Many wildflowers of the woods do that.

The most popular of the persistent perennials is probably the hosta. Hardy geraniums are also choices to try. Each perennial has its features from which to choose, one is sure to work for your spot.

Lamium Maculatum : Elegant Groundcover
Lamium Maculatum : Elegant Groundcover

Plants That Tolerate Dry Shade

Variegated hosta
Variegated leaf hosta

It should be noted that although all the listed plants tolerate dry shade, that does not equate to liking or thriving in it. Most plants need some regular moisture when first planted, until they are established.

How to Improve Soil Moisture Retention

Give a bit of care in preparation for better growth:

Add soil amendments such as peat moss, compost, or other humus building materials ( like shredded plant bark). Use mulches if possible to conserve what moisture is available.

With a bit of care, you may encourage these plants to fill in those dry shady parts of the garden.

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