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Plant Those Tulip Bulbs

Throughout the site are numerous posts on tulips and their spring companions, but if you want a quick update on the basic information, read on…. For a simple and easy reminder, follow these directions to get the most out of your tulip pantings. There is a  list of  related articles at the end of this post.

What You Need To Know:

All the tulips sold in the fall in local stores are likely to be classed as hardy and perennial. They require cold winters and hot summers, and southern climates need the flowers to be forced (which precludes growing as a perennial plant). They require a dormant period of chilling temperatures to bloom – storing them in the refrigerator is a way to force the blooms indoors. For most all of them, the same general rules on how to grow will apply. Two things are necessary with any plant that grows from a bulb:

  • Choose a sunny, well-drained spot to plant them.
  • Care for their needs with a dose of fertilizer during the growing season, allowing the leaves to grow on to provide strength to the bulb, and dig in some long-lasting fertilizer (I like bone meal) around them each year.

What Fertilizer Should I Use?


Be sure to use long lasting organic boosters when planting bulbs. This helps to feed them through the season when they are growing roots underground.

100 percent natural and organic ingredients including Alaskan fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, colloidal soft rock phosphate, feather meal, and more. Good stuff for our garden soil, and especially formulated for your bulbs.

How To Plant Your Tulips

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