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This page is reserved for the most beautiful garden shop picks. The best pots, or quality supplies, anything that makes gardening more of a joy- by virtue of its design, quality, or usefulness. Enjoy!

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planter urn

Longwood Capital planter

As you learn more about gardening, there are some things where even the frugal find they should not cut corners. Like the qualities of tools, or lasting outdoor structures and planters. Even in mundane things such as common supplies, I personally learned such a lesson. I chose cheap bagged “garden soil” which turned out to be gumbo clay probably hauled here from the Texas border! Never again.

I hope to help you avoid such disappointments. At the same time I love to save money, too. The balance is in the way we reuse and perhaps buy at a discount during off seasons, and at the same time make good decisions about our time and efforts.

Urns, Fountains, Garden Decor

In the past five years I have almost exclusively depended upon containers filled with annuals to give my garden all summer color. I used to plant large areas of the garden with annuals, but the amount of work and maintenance of that type of gardening is not congruent with my “Grandma” lifestyle of traveling to visit family.

My prime picks are gorgeous containers which double as garden art. When filled with flowers, they provide enough rich visual delight that I don’t have to have large beds of blooms.

The Mungo Urn

Large planter makes a statement

Gist Planters are made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) to outlast traditional cast stone

I also prefer a few great big urns, instead of a lot of bitty ones. There is less work (in fact, one stays empty and is simply a sculptural accent):

  • more soil that needs less watering
  • a few efforts at combining plants instead of numerous ones for lots of little pots
  • easier to make a beautiful visual impact

Of course, I also have groups of smaller ones, but I prefer the look of one big urn. The styles widely range. I love the simple, but many of the others give a touch of personality.

Palace Square Cast Limestone Planter

limestone planter

A smooth Transitional style that harmonizes with every home style.


I've started using more of the planters that are made of resin. Although I love real pottery, it is more liable to break and is much, much heavier to move. That last reason is the main one for making the choice for resin containers. They look like stone or pottery, but are much easier to move.

As a cold climate gardener I must store my pots in a frost free place every winter, and haul them out of storage each spring. It is easy to see why a lighter weight pot is desirable.

Bird Houses

There are two objects I perennially love: tea pots (indoors) and birdhouses (mostly outdoors, but as interior decor items, too).

Since this is a garden site, there won't be too many examples of the teapots! But birds are an important part of our gardens and receive attention to their feeding and shelter...just as in my garden. Here are some birdhouses I simply love.

Advanced Bird Products Wild 8 in x 9 in x 8 in Wren House - $31.99

Made with insect and rot resistant premium cedar. Air vents allow for maximum air ventilation through wall and floor openings. Clean out doors provides easy access for cleaning//Vinyl coated steel hanging cable. Rust free hardware stainless steel screw...

cute birdhouse Bird House - Rockford from: BloomingBulb


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