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To collate all the resources I’ve been making and collecting, an index of fairy garden links seems in order! Instead of this article I decided a complete permanent page was an easier way to find the many tutorials, creative ideas and articles that fairy gardening seems to be inspiring.

Faerie Garden Links All Over The Web

The video below is great, and be sure to visit my pages for in-depth guidance on plants and ideas on making your very own Fairy Garden.
Here are the galleries, articles, links, and social media collections to help you enjoy a fantasy ride into the treasure trove of a Fairy Garden fantasy world.

More Miniature Plants For A Tiny Garden

Add to the lists on my other Fairy garden pages.
Muelenbeckia complexa, Fairy Vine is a groundcover plant with tiny wiry stems. Arrange it over a miniature arbor.
‘Jean Iseli’ Tsuga canadensis Dwarf Canada Hemlock makes a slow growing, fine leaved evergreen. Hardy, too.
Bellium minuta are diminutive daisies.Quite hardy with sun and moist soil needs.
Japanese Chirimen Dwarf Hinoki Cypress is a very slow grower with all the cultivation needs of other Hinoki Cypress plants.

For other lists of plants to grow in your Fairy garden displays, see the 3 garden plans page, and how to create a Fairy garden.

New Faerie Garden Links

  • Fairy Garden Gallery -Look at inspiring photos of Fairy environments.
  • Making a Fairy House -Follow a Grandma as she makes her own imagined houses for less than a dime from found materials.(Will be republished, soon)

Fairy Garden Figurines

More Fairy Garden Extras to be found
brownie fairygeranium fairyelder fairylilac fairychristmas tree fairywild thyme fairy

fairy babybaby fairy and kittylittle fairy baby

Fairy Garden Furnishings

One fun thing about creating fairy gardens (among many: the little plants, the pathways and hidey holes) is the addition of miniature furnishings.

The making of fairy houses with little rooms and stairways provides space for all the furnishings to make little guest comfortable…whether real or imagined, who knows?

After creating the fairy garden itself, and then adding some additional adornments, the place is ready for the comforts of a fairy home. With acorn cups and saucers and little bits of milkweed down for bedding, tiny seat and beds of wire are welcome.

A darling little lighted house for a Midsummer’s Eve.

Just the thing for a fairy patio, they garden ornaments for elves and fairies to rest and play.

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