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Fairy Garden Accessories

There are three wonderful and enchanting things about building a fairy garden, one is the planning, another is the furnishing with plants and little ornaments, the final would be the many moments of fantasy that having these little gardens grants us.

Follow the trail for many tiny household necessities for visiting fairy folk, and let your imagination run.

My sincere hope is that pages about creating your miniature garden and the fairie garden accessories displayed here can give you inspiration to include one for your child, grandchild, or (shhh, maybe the foremost motivation) yourself. Some of us have the wonder and imagination of a child all our lives!

Creating Miniature Interiors

In many garden stores there are displays of miniature furniture for fairy gardens.

Fairy garden furnishings are found almost everywhere, and there are so many ideas on how to create these little gardens, indoors and out. Because it has become such a popular pastime, a really unique way to create your own darling vignette would be to decide on a theme. Just like in a human garden ;)
Let the fairies dine or garden, or perhaps dream of their fairyland far away, with a special environment geared for a single theme. Pull out all the stops in making the miniature utensils and furniture!

“Buttercups in the sunshine look like little cups of gold,
perhaps the Faeries come to drink the raindrops that they hold.”
~ Elizabeth T. Dillingham

Some new resources for you to use in creating your fairy garden:

Create your own furnishings. It is an amusing activity that really does not take much time and very little money.

You can begin with little bowls from acorns, then tiny chairs of twigs. It is a hobby that can become addictive, just like the making of the little gardens and the dwellings.

Visit a Guide for Making Fairy Houses, and Fairy Furnishing Inspirations

Making Your Own Fairy Garden Chair

An herbal fairy garden

Make Fairy Corners in your yard.

Fairy Houses (PDF)


Fairy Garden Accessories

In case a non-flying elf visits, you may want a minuscule bicycle on hand. There are a few things that really add to the ambience of this miniature world that aren’t so easy to make yourself.

I love this tiny red bicycle, just waiting for a very small brownie to hop onto and ride.

Tiny wheelbarrow

Items like a tiny wheelbarrow are irresistible

Miniature Fairy Garden Rusty Wheelbarrow

fairy bicyclefairy garden toolstiny garden bench
Tiny bicycles, garden tools and an inviting garden bench… all in fairy sizes.

tiny tools
metal fairy bench

Fairies love to hear the tinkling of chimes and bells, if you listen hard enough, you may hear them brush past them

Lovely Little Fairy Figurines

Part of the fun is to populate the ground with pretty fairy statues and figurines.

My Little Sweet Pea Fairy

Fairy of the West Wind sitting garden statue

This Fairy of the West Wind sitting garden statue measures 10.5″Wx13.5″Dx19″H and weighs 3 lbs.

No longer available, but such a cute little figure on a rock

I think these are my favorites

Fabulous Finds

fairy figurinesfairy door

Natural Outdoor Fairy Houses In Wales

Enchanting Visit To An Indoor Fairy Home

Fairy Houses of the Maine CoastFairy houses Highly rated book about fairy houses with beautiful illustrations.

Fairy Houses book

hazelnut fairy house

The most incredible fairy house, although this one would be best indoors.


Source: web.mac.com

An outdoor fairy house in Wales…

About Hungarian fairies

More Links:

Build a Fairy House

Make a Fairy Bed

Whimsical Fairy Garden

Fairy House Mushroom Garden

Fairy Laundry Day

Fairy Houses tucked into a hill.

Fairy Houses from Tracy Kane.

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