Easy Seeds Make Gardening Fun for New Gardeners

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Would you like the suggestions for easy vegetable and flower seeds to start this spring?
That page is found here.

Easy Seeds For A Child’s Garden

They were chosen for the way they make gardening fun and simple enough for a child. Here are some more inspirations for your garden this year, this time choosing easy seeds for simple garden plans.

Be sure to read the first list of easy seeds, you won’t want to miss those additions to your garden since they are so easy!

A Cutting Garden- All From Seed

Create A Cutting Garden

A cutting garden is one that has all the flowers planted just for bouquets. The flowers are harvested at their bud and peak bloom stage, varieties chosen for desirable flower arranging qualities.

cutting garden

Cutting flowers for arrangements fill this country garden

It is often planted just like a vegetable garden, in blocks or rows, for the sake of production. It could be part of your kitchen garden.
Besides Zinnias, what else is a snap to grow?

  • Corn Cockles, Agrostemma githago
  • Celosias
  • Lavatera
  • Sunflowers
  • Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium

An Easy Herb Patch

Make An Herb Garden

Herbs can be a little difficult to grow from seed, and many are perennials. Still, there are some herbs that spring readily from seed. Try growing a little patch of these selections.

Easy Seeds Chosen For You

If you have seen the ready made mixes of wildflower seeds or other types of collections, it is worthwhile to try those for a patch of colorful flowers. I found these very easy to plant, with a successful result. From “Bee Happy” to a mix that is formulated specifically for your region of the country, these make another way to gain a flower garden without too much foreknowledge.

I tried mixtures from American Meadows for several years in a row and was very happy with the result. It is “no fuss, no muss” gardening which looks best in a casual setting. I think they are perfect for cutting garden spaces, too.

annual flowers from seed

annual flowers from seed


Another way to use seed collections is to look at the list of included plants for ideas on which seeds will germinate without too much trouble. Then find separate packets of those varieties. Example: Cosmos or Centaurea cyanus

Seed Success

There are three things that make seed planting easy.

  1. Some plants are easy to germinate and grow; these varieties are “easy seeds”
  2. The quality of the seed must be good, preferably fresh.
  3. The soil should be well prepared.

This list starts you out with some plants known to be easily germinated and grown. Learn more about this, here.

The seeds you buy should be from a reputable company. What if you have leftover seeds from past years? The technique for testing those seeds is simple: take a few of them and put them in a damp paper towel, fold it over and insert into a plastic baggie. Wait for the expected germination time, and check. You will see if the seeds germinate and are viable or not.

Preparing your soil is probably the most work you will do in setting up your garden. Work it up during good weather conditions ( most important if you have clay soil.) Add soil amendments if needed (note that many plants don’t like overly enriched soil – it rewards you with leafiness rather than bloom in that case). Create good tilth by raking out clods and stones.

If you give attention to those three points, you will find a garden growing and it will need only attention to weeding and watering (with the occasional feeding) during the season.

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This type of garden is what gives us the joy of gardening, sometimes triggering and obsession with growing things. It is so satisfactory to grow plants from seed to harvest, better experienced than explained.

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