The Butterfly Bush In My Garden

Ilona Erwin

History Of My Tries With Buddleia

I have tried, but the Butterfly Bush will not stay in my garden.

I’ve planted several types in a few different places. The newest attempt is a sale plant I bought last month and put into a spot with a raised bed with a little wind protection from the garage. It also is very sunny. I hope these combined conditions make the difference.

There have been a couple years when the Butterfly bush returned after winter. One time it seeded itself and bloomed in an out of the way spot, but I think this Zone 5 garden with winter wet soils and strong wind is just not good for these plants.

I am hoping that the raised bed will eradicate the one thing that cause many plants to disappear after a winter in a garden like mine.

update: Yes, the Butterfly Bush in my garden has been doing well in this raised bed, even after a very frigidly cold winter!  I was thrilled to find it thriving and blooming for me this year.

2nd UPDATE: For many years now, I have had the butterfly bush return and bloom. It does die down to the ground each winter, but the roots send up fresh shoots in spring and my “bush” grows to about 3.5 feet tall, covered with purple spike flowers.

Helping Butterflies

I like the idea of having something that will help the butterflies thrive. I have seen a precipitous drop in the numbers of butterflies in my garden and the area in general.

Living in a rural area, there is little that one can do about the use of pesticides in a large scale farming operation (or any applied chemicals for that matter). This has been a particularly hard year for pollinating insects. I have seen no honeybees at all, and that is the first time I must sadly report this.

There are plants we can put into our garden, Buddleia is but one, and we can take seriously the need to refrain from using insecticides, even at the cost of some of our fruits and flowers. It is a hard choice, but no less difficult in doing without some of the insects that make our gardens a place of life, beauty, and joy.

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