Best Videos About Lavender


British TV provides some of the best views and information on this most fragrant and favorite herb, so let’s start a feature length overview.

The show features Lavender, not just in the garden, but in cooking and its other uses. Filled with gorgeous color and engaging discussion, well worth the time watching, and you will know oodles of information on growing lavender.


All About This Subshrub

If you want to know about varieties, uses of it, garden styles, and tours through beautiful gardens? This video is almost an hour long and moves quickly through an incredible amount of information on lavenders.

Telling you all about the plant – its history, its growing needs, beautiful gardens with this herb featured in classic ways.

Personal Opinions and Visual Tutorial

Snipping and stringing up bunches of the flowers. Braiding the stems, and more ways to enjoy your lavender harvest.

Pruning for Good Care

When, why, and how to prune. Centering especially on the ‘Grosso’ variety, although applicable to all lavenders.

One of the most helpful tips is how to prune and the importance of it, and this short video is focused on that task.


Start From Cuttings

This is my favorite way to get new starts of Lavender. Spring is best time to do this.


The Munstead variety

The most popular named variety grown here, and with very desirable qualities, here are some tips

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