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A pink flower garden design, does that sound too much like something a little girl would dream up? Boring or a bit too precious? Pink monochromatic gardens have plenty of interest, are versatile and sophisticated if that is what you wish. They can also look airy and almost as calm as a white garden.

When combining the sharper color of hot pinks, the landscape can sing. Don’t overlook a patch of pinks and what this color can do for your garden. A pink flower garden design might be just what your home landscape needs to increase the curb appeal of your home, whether you are going to live there a long time or decide it is time to sell.

Plnk Color Scheme

Plnk Color Scheme Photo credit: jjulian812


This color scheme is one of the easiest of all monochromaticthe use of a single color of the spectrum plans to create. The pastel form of red, called “Pink”,  is one of the most common colors found in the flower world.

A tint that pops in the visual landscape, its bright color carries well whether in shade or sun. People generally respond well emotionally to it.

If you have decided that this year’s garden might be best planted in pink, this post works to inspire you.

Creating Interest In A Monochromatic Scheme

Monochromatic? Learn more

One of the most famous gardens in the world is Vita Sackville-West’s white garden in Sissinghurst. Although the idea didn’t originate with her, using one color of bloom for an entire garden scheme successfully created a magical garden that people from all over the globe have admired.

When editing colors to a singular one  there is no longer the interplay of different hues. All the more attention is given to flower form and the shapes of the plants. The wide range of plants found in the color pink means there is a bounty of shades and tints available, from very pale and ethereal pinks to dark vibrant magenta.

Don’t be afraid of magenta in this monochrome garden- there is little chance of clashing colors, even when a bright magenta might have screamed out in other types of color schemes.

More About A Pink Garden

Flower Sources for You

Daisy Flowers and Their Seasons

  • Asters, or Michaelmas daisies, often come in the desired shade. ‘Harrisons Pink’ is a good one I’ve grown. They fill the late garden with solid pastel color when it is harder to find.
    A similar plant is Boltonia asteroides ‘Pink Beauty’
  • Erigeron speciosus ‘Pink Jewel’ is a pretty daisy family flower. Fleabane (as it is commonly known) is covered in small fringe of petals around the central yellow disk. Low maintenance and easy to grow they make lovely cut flowers and are a butterfly plant. Perennial
  • Coneflower ‘Secret Romance’ is not only a delicious pink, but has a beautifully shaped bloom with a high boss of trans floretmiddle ring of petals petals. Echinacea purpura, ‘Secret Romance’. Perennial
  • Cosmos bipinnata is a large airy plant with large pink or white daisy form flowers. Its seeds are beloved of Goldfinches. Easy to grow from seed, this makes a marvelous cut flower for bouquets all summer. Annual

Flowers With Interesting Form

  • Yarrow, Achillea millefolium var. rosea, yields many pink varieties, a head of tiny flowers packed into a head called a corymbflat-topped terminal flower cluster. Try Yarrow ‘Saucy Seduction’
  • Pink lilies are tall and stately and often bring fragrance into the garden, they have several bloom types from trumpet to oriental turban shapes.
  • Daylilies have lily form flowers but on strong plants that give good green foliage throughout the growing season.
  • Bleeding hearts and Poppies provide a fleeting, but memorable display. Choose poppy seeds selected for a pink shade, so that you aren’t surprised with a strident orange in the middle of your pink flower border.
  • Variegated Sedum has a very pale flesh pink flowers and the variegated foliage makes a very pretty harmony with pink flowering neighbors.

Try Dahlias, Gladiolas, and Begonias in pink.

Dianthus, including “Pinks” create mounds of fragrant flowers in perennial, biennial, or annual types of flowering plants.

Spring flowering bulbs include luscious shades of pink in tulips, hyacinths, Chionodoxa, and others.

Cut Flowers From A Pink Garden

flowers from a cutting garden

Photo credit: jjulian812

Pastel lilies and roses, hot-hued Matsumoto asters and roses, perfectly pink peonies and roses are combined in a bouquet. You could grow all of them.


Happy Petit Pink rose

Happy Petit Pink rose

OSO Happy® Petit Pink Rose – Double Bubble Gum Pink – Proven Winners on Amazon

Oso Happy® Petit Pink Rose
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

  • Therese Bugnet Rose is a beautiful pink landscape rose. It is a large bush that carries sweetly scented rugosa roses, and makes a healthy, gorgeous addition to a pink garden plan.
  • Most Heirloom roses are found in this shade. Try one of the old fashioned varieties like Rosa ‘Louise Odier’, a Bourbon rose if you are Zone 6 or higher; or a David Austin English rose like the ‘Mary Rose’.
  • The classic hybrid tea rose ‘Queen Elizabeth’ is fragrant, a perfect pink, and has stood the test of time.

Pink Spires for Inspiration


pink hollyhocks

  • Veronica comes in pink shades and is a strong grower with lots of blooms
  • Delphiniums are somewhat picky and may not stay upright in winds, but pink larkspurs are usually quite sturdy and give a similar ( though not as tall) effect.
  • Foxgloves are one of my favorites and come in luscious pink shades
  • Who can resist Pink Hollyhocks? However, they are prone to rust in some areas

The forms of the flowers in a pink garden plan can be a collection of the common daisy types in the Compositae family or might include bell-shaped flowers like those of a pink Campanula (Campanula punctata ‘Pink Chimes’ is a pretty choice). There are pink pansies and petunias, pink delphiniums and lupines for spire effects; pink roses, pink peonies, pink iris, and pink phlox. In fact, most of the major perennial garden stalwarts come in a pink colored variety, and loads of annuals can be found in this color.

I told you the choice range was vast! This is one reason making a pink garden can be so much fun.

Don’t forget that many clematis vines and climbing roses come in this hue, and create a vertical interest. In the spring there are flowering trees, such as the cherries and crabapples which are predominately pink-flowered.
crabapple prairiefire
If that all seem too feminine and fluffy for you, the deeper shades have a sharpness and drama that can be used to create a very different feeling. These colors combined with contrasting plant forms can create a very interesting display.

Remember that spiky foliage, or rounded fuzzy leaves can highlight a garden just as well as colorful blooms, so be on the lookout for plants that have a character of form, like mounded, spire, or trailing, along with texture of leaves to combine with the interplay of flower forms. There is no need to be bored when so many plants can combine to give a grouping so much variety.

Foliage for a pink monochromatic garden should include gray foliage plants and variegated and purple leaf plants often come with pink flowers.

Plant profiles for some of the flowers mentioned in this post:
Therese Bugnet Rose
September Asters
Variegated Sedum
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