Expert advice offered on all aspects of starting seeds for your garden is available for free. I gathered what I consider some of the best and most thorough information pages. Many of the PDF files are the best, you will need Adobe Reader for those.

  1. Missouri Extension “Starting Plants”
  2. Basic propagation, PDF file
  3. DOWLING COMMUNITY GARDEN Growing Plants from Seed PDF file
  4. Purdue’s “Starting Seeds Indoors” PDF file.
  5. Tomato Plants from seed
  6. Master Gardener Advice: Starting from seed, More helpful advice, Mary Ann Ryan’s seed starting
  7. Renee Shepherd, HGTV | More from Renee
  8. 10 Tips from Fine Gardening
  9. Mother Earth News
  10. Kid’s Gardening

Seed Viability
Test Your Seeds for germination

Photo credit: Jusben

More Best Seed Starting Articles

Winter Sowing Seeds
Gardener’s Supply Advice
Colorado Extension Factsheet
How Renegade Gardener Does It
Condensed to 3 Easy Steps
Windowsill Gardening
Sow Seeds outdoors-BBC

Some Science

Exactly how that seed is constructed and works to germinate.
A bit about veggie seeds

From Hawaii U.

From Hawaii U.

Graphic from

A Big Seed Info Site

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