color palettes


The First Thing We Notice

Color in the landscape, a pleasing harmony or eye-catching focus, is a powerful tool.

design a yard with style


5 Garden Principle Ideas

Put together your plan, complement your home, bring curb appeal to the fore.



Visit Parks And Gardens

Ideas for your yard from public garden spaces

Front Yard Curb Appeal

Improve your front yard’s curb appeal even if you don’t like to garden. Still, it’s even more fun if you love gardening.

Simplifying Color Theory For The Garden

Color is basic to the design of a garden. It is usually the first thing we think of when deciding to plant our landscape, although it might take a back seat once the design process is underway. It is never very far from our plans


I admit I am slow to try new methods if they do not appear to make a great deal of difference or solve a problem.

The Purpose Of Your Home Landscape Design

Using our resources of time, money, and effort to its best use to incorporate style into our garden is the purpose of a good design plan. Let’s start this look at what our landscape design means to our front yard, the most public space.

My Little Pond

A few years ago, my husband brought home a molded pond kit that was on sale at the end of the season. That began my water gardening adventure.

Seating Spots: The Well Placed Bench

The message of any group of seats or well placed benches is that a garden is a place to rest, relax, and enjoy. Every hard working gardener needs to take a breather and we all should take some time to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labors. A Quiet Spot Entire...

Plant A Garden For The Fragrance Of It

When expending effort and expense for a garden, most today will opt for fresh herbs or food for the table. Some desire low maintenance landscaping that will add to the value of their homes, but some of us want the sheer sensory delight that a bevy of perfumed...

Hardy Prairie Plants, Tough Survivors

A Prairie Is The All American Garden Some twenty years ago I moved to a very flat part of the state of Ohio. It interested me as a gardener to find out more about the original land, why it was so flat and treeless, and what sort of climate created it. Turns out, this...

Five Principle Ideas To Design A Beautiful Garden

Everyone wants to do it: design beautiful spaces around them. It is no surprise that gardeners want to take the wealth of nature and surround themselves with as much of its sights, sounds, and scents to enjoy each day. What a challenge that proves as new plant...

Summer Flower Container Ideas

A Moveable Feast Of Summer Color Containers are like a feast of color, a concentrated burst of plants that draw the eye and give an appetizing presentation of foliage and blooms meant to delight the viewer. Unless the pot is so large and ungainly to make moving...

What Is A Secret Garden?

Have you ever wandered upon the title of something and wondered just what it is? That came about for me long after I had read and re-read the child’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. As a gardener I began to want to create my own. The idea of a secret garden is...

Plant Shirley Poppies For Early Summer Color

Flowers which are premier annuals for cottage gardens, but bring a huge amount of color into any garden in early June. I have always had them in the garden, partly because I love them, but partly because their reseeding each year made them so easy. Shirley poppies are...

How To Get Your Garden to Take Care Of You

Most of my time in my garden was centered around how to take care of it: dig it, feed it, plant it, weed it, prune it, and on and on. But along the way I found I needed, and received things from my garden, as well. I still have to labor in those tasks which cultivate...

The Trouble With Walkways

Nothing in this life is perfect, certainly not our pathways, and that can be something of a metaphor for us. I have been working on my flagstone pathway again- it is a regular job- and it got me thinking about pathways in general, and how none of them have ever been...

Monochromatic Gardens

Just Choose One Single Color Gardens “…besides my small grey garden, I badly want others, and especially a gold garden, a blue garden, and a green garden” ~ Gertrude Jekyll, ‘Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden‘ To be completely honest,...

Gold Flowers For A Cottage Garden

Have you ever wanted a monochromatic garden, one made with most or all the flowers in just one glorious color? Here are selections for a golden afternoon of color all season long.

Blue Sky Flowers

Heavenly Blue Come Down Into The Garden I was traveling the Highway in an area of the Western United States and looking down below me at a home in the desert (to my Ohioan eyes) on to a patch of shimmering blue shining from a circle in the yard. This oasis of blue sky...
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