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Nothing is as long blooming in the summer garden as the everblooming roses. Called the “Queen of Flowers” for good reason.


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Are you a home gardener? Do you want to be, or maybe you are thinking of doing some landscaping around your place? That was me, too! I started out many years ago with just a little vegetable patch and some bulbs for spring color… then I became obsessed. When starting to write gardening articles, I wanted to be that voice of a neighbor leaning on the fence, sharing helpful info and gardening advice.


If you want the design steps, planting methods, and landscape care that create a truly beautiful yard, Ilona’s Garden offers reliable, high quality, home gardening tips and growing information. – For a productive and soul satisfying garden, designed by you. I do have lots of opinions, but the only real rules of nature are its own- and our sense of design should mainly serve the way we would like to see it. I do like artistic guidelines, and that is what I like to offer. Explore the site, and sign up for the newsletter, for what’s new. There is a bit of trivia and garden resources sprinkled generously throughout everything here. There is a blog, too, if you remember “Ilona’s Garden Journal on blogspot.I gave it a new home and a new name –come visit after you have found what you needed here!
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Spring Flowering Trees Bring Color And Fragrance

An unmistakeable sign of spring are the blooms of crabapple, cherry, dogwood, and redbud trees. They are just a few of the many showy ornamental trees that bring shades of pink and white to the landscape and proclaim Spring’s arrival. If you desire more blossom...

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How To Help Transplants Thrive In 5 Steps

Transplanting New Plants Or Divisions? Sometimes it is necessary to dig up plants that would otherwise be lost, or that are unhappy where they are growing. Perennials must regularly be lifted and divided and then transplanted. The method is quite straightforward, and...

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Spring Blooming Bushes, Accents For Your Yard

Planting flowering shrubs will improve the value of your property. We usually think of planting evergreen shrubs as a matter of course in our foundation plantings around the house, but come spring, those that flower draw our attention: “I want that one, and...

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Working with nature, caring for the environment, and improving your soil are all important concepts to me, and I hope to share them with you. A Pile Of Info On Composting | The Good Bugs

Major Blog Move

In 2015 I moved my blog, Ilona’s Garden Journal to a new place, with a new domain. Visit and see what’s new ( hint: chickens!)

Summer Project

Backyard Gathering

Firepits – I wish I had one years earlier! One of the best editions to our yard.

gardening how-to

Gardening 101

Garden skills clearly explained, friendly advice given, and general how-to for your home garden landscape.

vegetable patch

Grow Food

Make a simple vegetable patch or create a French potager, everything from chores to design ideas to make it productive and pretty.

ornamental flowers

Ornamental Gardening

For those who love a flower garden, plant profiles, garden design principles, planning  ideas …loads of articles for creating your landscape.

Low Growing Summer Perennials

Low Growing Summer Perennials

Plants For Front Of The Border A garden is only as fine as its edges” –an old adage What is one of the first things to consider when growing a perennial flower border? Color? That is where most of us begin, but savvy gardeners plan with height uppermost in...

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My August Chores 2013

My August Chores 2013

August always seems to come unexpectedly fast and move on even faster. It is all psychological, of course, but the end of summer is in sight and there is plenty to do. No more of the “lazy days of summer” feelings of July. This has been such a cool and wet...

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Summer Flower Container Ideas

Summer Flower Container Ideas

A Moveable Feast Of Summer Color Containers are like a feast of color, a concentrated burst of plants that draw the eye and give an appetizing presentation of foliage and blooms meant to delight the viewer. Unless the pot is so large and ungainly to make moving...

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