gardening how-to

Gardening 101

Garden skills clearly explained, friendly advice given, and general how-to to create your home garden landscape.

vegetable patch

Grow Food

Make a simple vegetable patch or create a French potager, everything from chores to design ideas to make it productive and pretty.

ornamental flowers

Ornamental Gardening

For those who love a flower garden, plant profiles, garden design principles, planning  ideas …loads of articles for creating your landscape.

Make A Design

What style, what plants, and which works best for your home? Find out about the plant and style vernacular that works best for you.


With easy to understand and inspirational plans and concepts, designing your own stunning place is possible.

herb garden


Working with nature, caring for the environment, and improving your soil are all important concepts to me, and I hope to share them with you.



beneficial insectsspring crocus
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