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Are you a home gardener? Do you want to be, or maybe you are thinking of doing some landscaping around your place? That was me, too!

I started out many years ago with just a little vegetable patch and some bulbs for spring color… then I became obsessed. When starting to write gardening articles, I wanted to be that voice of a neighbor leaning on the fence, sharing helpful info and gardening advice.

If you want the design steps, planting methods, and landscape care that create a truly beautiful yard, Ilona’s Garden offers reliable, high quality, home gardening tips and growing information. – For a productive and soul satisfying garden, designed by you.

I do have lots of opinions, but the only real rules of nature are its own- and our sense of design should mainly serve the way we would like to see it. I do like artistic guidelines, and that is what I like to offer.

Explore the site, and sign up for the newsletter, for what’s new. There is a bit of trivia and garden resources sprinkled generously throughout everything here.

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The Butterfly Bush In My Garden

The Butterfly Bush In My Garden

I have had a couple years when the Butterfly bush returned after winter, and one time it seeded itself and bloomed in one spot, but I think this Zone 5 garden with winter wet soils and strong wind is just not good for these plants.

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What Are The Sights, Sounds, And Smells Of An Ohio Fall?

It isn’t New England, but there are beautiful autumn leaf displays, a rich apple harvest, and lots of fun to be found during the Autumn season. It may be arguable, but I would submit that this is the very best season to have a visit to this area, especially if you want the best of weather.

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Cushion Chrysanthemums

Cushion Chrysanthemums

Cushion mums are beloved in the autumn garden not only for their colors and forms, but because they bloom with enough time to make a show and are frost resistant in a cold climate that turns most other flowers to brown

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Working with nature, caring for the environment, and improving your soil are all important concepts to me, and I hope to share them with you.

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